ITZY’s Yuna Shuts Down Ridiculous Dating Rumors With ENHYPEN’s Jay At Lightning Speed

Nothing was going on.

ENHYPEN‘s Jay and ITZY‘s Yuna were recently caught up in dating rumors. It all started when Yuna and he uploaded photos of the same food at the same restaurant, mere days apart.

(Left) ENHYPEN’s Jay (Right) ITZY’s Yuna. | (Left) Weverse (Right) Enter Media

Yuna recently shared with fans that she went to eat the famous Gordon Ramsay Burgers in South Korea. She ordered a crème brûlée topped milkshake, along with two chicken burgers.

| Nate Pann

Yuna posed cutely in front of the food, looking as if she just couldn’t wait to bite into the burgers!

| Nate Pann

She even shared a close-up image of the delicious burger. The Gordon Ramsay burger has recently been a popular dish among Koreans.

Photo of the Gordon Ramsay burger uploaded by Yuna. | Nate Pann

However, a community post brought up the fact that ENHYPEN‘s Jay had also gone to the same restaurant. He uploaded photos of his burger a day later than Yuna.

Photo of the Gordon Ramsay burger uploaded by Jay. | Nate Pann

He also had the same drink she did. Unfortunately, the online post used this to tie the two together and made claims that the two were dating.

| Nate Pann

As the post went viral, Yuna herself stepped up to quickly shut the rumors down. Through Dear. U Bubble, Yuna explained that she went to the restaurant with her friend of 11 years.

Yuna’s response on Dear. U Bubble about her burger outing. | Nate Pann

I went with my friend of 11 years who I’ve known since elementary school. We went to celebrate her getting into college.

— Yuna

She also uploaded a photo with her friend posing in the background.

Yuna’s photo proving she dined with a female friend. | Nate Pann

Yuna doesn’t play around when it comes to rumors! Thanks to her quick response, the wild dating rumors were quickly put to rest.

| ITZY’s Instagram
Source: Nate Pann