ITZY’s Yuna Receives Attention For Her Hourglass Figure And Hips

Small waist, pretty face with a big bank!

ITZY‘s Yuna is the full package. Not only can she dance well, she holds her own with live singing and rapping too! She also possesses a statuesque figure with her tall height and small face. She recently went viral when fans realized not only did she have a small waist…

…but also a thicc booty! Despite her slim frame, she has one of the most amazing hourglass figures seen in K-Pop.

She might not have the honey thighs MAMAMOO’s Hwasa possesses, but Yuna’s waist to hip ratio is insane.

Considering how trim the star is, her hourglass figure is extraordinary. One would have to be born with the right bone structure to achieve such a curvy-slim look.

Many netizens were in awe of her figure! They even wondered if she was human.

Netizen reactions. | Nate Pann
  • “Wow it looks like one of those IG star bodies that are f*cking edited.”
  • “Yuna’s figure is really amazing.”
Netizen reactions. | Nate Pann
  • “I’m so jealous… Just what doesn’t Yuna have?”
  • “I’m really so f*cking f*cking jealous.”
  • “It’s totally an hourglass figure.”
  • “She has everything.”

Yuna’s always stunned the general public and fans with her unreal body. Paired with a good personality and the talent to match up with it, she’s bound for superstardom!

Source: Nate Pann