ITZY’s Yuna Tried To Prove She’s Jessi’s #1 Fan But Adorably Continued To Fail—Here’s How She Won Jessi Over In The End

She never gave up.

ITZY recently made their way to Showterview With Jessi where several of the members showed their love for Jessi! One member who especially wanted their fangirl status to be known was Yuna!

Throughout the episode, all the members tried their best to show their love for Jessi, and Jessi of course flirted back in return. Yuna tried her best by mentioning how much she loved Jessi’s songs. Yuna announced, “I have something to tell you… seriously, I listened to all the songs in your album!

Yuna shared that she “Personally loves ‘Star’” and Jessi showed how touched she was with a cute reaction. Budding in the sweet moment, co-host Jo Jung Shik asked Yuna, “Can you sing a line for us?

Yuna then sang the line, “PSY oppa gave me the green light” to which Jessi informed her it’s actually a line from “Nununana.” Although Jessi corrected her, Yuna insisted she was right and Jessi bet her nice watch that Yuna was mistaken.

The staff behind the cameras then took to their phones to check and confirm that Jessi was correct. One staff member shared, “There’s no ‘PSY’ in lyrics of ‘STAR.'” Yuna’s expression was priceless.

After all the loving teasing, Jo Jung Shik clarified that Yuna was merely trying to express her love for Jessi and her music.

At the end of the day, what Yuna was meaning to say is she loves ‘STAR’ so much! That’s what matters!

— Jo Jung Shik

Yuna tried to redeem herself when asked who her top three role models were, however, she adorably failed again. Yuna answered, “Jeon Jihyun, Jessi, IU.” While Yuna did name Jessi as a role model, Jo Jung Shik commented, “Wait, she said Jeon Jihyun first?

Yuna denied that the order she named the role models mattered and commented that all three are beautiful artists. Jessi expressed how flattered by giving Yuna a warm hug. Jo Jung Shik stated, “It’s good to see you make up!”