Netizens Are In Awe Of ITZY Yuna’s Perfect Figure On The Group’s Way To The U.S.

Her beauty shines even in simple outfits!

Recently, ITZY‘s members were spotted at Incheon Airport on their way to the U.S. for the Head In The Clouds Music & Arts Festival in New York!

ITZY at Incheon Airport

All of the members looked cute and comfy in their airport outfits, with their individual styles showcased in each of them.

However, it was Yuna who arguably earned the most attention for her flight fit. Already known for having a “legendary” figure, the group’s maknae once again had netizens in awe thanks to the outfit she wore to the airport.

Yuna (ITZY)

Wearing a simple light pink top and fitted black jeans, Yuna’s tiny waist and enviable curves were on full display! Her dark hair was also looking healthy, shiny, and gorgeous.

It’s no mystery why Yuna is often mentioned as one of the top visuals of the fourth generation of K-Pop girl groups!

These airport photos were shared on an online forum, where fans praised just how stunning she looked even in such a casual and simple outfit.

We hope ITZY’s members have a great time while they’re in the U.S. for the Head in the Clouds event!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa


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