Here’s What ITZY’s Yuna Really Thinks About People Who Take Photographs Of Idols Without Them Knowing

It is something all idols deal with!

Although the life of an idol might seem perfect on the surface, many have shared that it is one of the most challenging things in the world. From hectic schedules, rehearsal time, and much more, it takes a lot of strength and determination to succeed in the business. One group that knows all about the hardships is ITZY! Since debuting, the group has been under the spotlight.

The members of ITZY | @ITZYOfficial/ Twitter

The members recently appeared in a video for ODG where they sat down with some children and spoke about the pressures they feel when taking pictures and how they look. While Chaeryeong spoke about the pressures of always looking good, the other members discussed their thoughts about being photographed.

Although the members explained that they have now trained themselves to be photographed wherever they go, it isn’t always easy. One of the girls asked the members if they had ever been photographed without knowing.

Unsurprisingly, Lia and Yuna explained that it was obviously something that happened a lot.

With mobile phones and more ways to take high-quality images, there are more ways than before to capture idols when they least expect it.

In particular, Yuna recalled when she was out and about and had someone picture her without her knowing.

I just went out, no makeup or anything, I went out to work. Someone took pictures behind me and shared pictures to others like they don’t care.

— Yuna

After having it happen to her personally, Yuna explained that it made her think about why people do it and whether there should be some sort of agreement between idols and photographers about personal space.

Witnessing it like this, what’s the boundaries for us to understand? It is vague.

— Yuna

Understandably, many fans will get very excited about seeing idols and want to take pictures. Yet, for those who choose to do it without their knowledge or just share it because they can, it sometimes makes it hard for idols.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: ODG


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