ITZY’s Yuna Was Asked If She Is Happy At JYP Entertainment, And Here’s Her Response

Everyone wants to know!

When it comes to idol groups, one of the main questions fans want to know is how they feel about their company. From praise to criticism, there is nothing netizens love more than getting the gossip! In particular, one company fans love the tea on is JYP Entertainment and their founder J.Y. Park. The recent group to share their thoughts is ITZY.

Members of ITZY | @ITZYOfficial/ Twitter

The group has recently been appearing in videos with K-Pop idol Rain, and after he revealed whether he thought ITZY should stay with JYP, they played a small game where they all got to ask each other questions.

After Ryujin grilled Rain on what it was like to work with J.Y. Park, the veteran got his own back when it was time to give Yuna a statement to discuss. As expected, it was to do with the company, and it was definitely asking for the tea as Rain said, “I really like the company, so I’m happy. You’ve felt that before, right?

Yuna seemed to have to think about the answer for a few seconds before replying, “There was a time when I was happy.” Yet, it was her face after the answer that had the other members laughing.

However, when Yuna thought it was all over, the staff asked her about when she felt happy, and Lia added that they wanted to know all the details.

As expected, Yuna chose when she first debuted with ITZY in 2019 and particularly chose their first performance on Mnet‘s M Countdown. 

There is no denying how amazing that performance was, so it isn’t a surprising choice.

If the members and Rain thought that was the end of her answer, they couldn’t have been more wrong, especially as she seemed to want to say something else.

After starting a new sentence with “Ah, but still, at JYP…” Lia couldn’t help but tease Yuna about what she could have possibly wanted to stay! Yet, with a hilarious meme of J.Y Park to move on, fans will have to wait to hear if she elaborates.

Once again, ITZY has proven just how charismatic they are when they don’t have the constraints of traditional interviews. Like in their appearance with soloist Jessi, they continue to make people laugh with their personalities.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Season B Season