ITZY’s Yuna Revealed Her Secret To Feeling Secure—And The Other Members Wouldn’t Let Her Live

Even IU couldn’t help but laugh!

This week, ITZY joined IU for an adorable interview on her YouTube show, IU’s Palette. While quizzing the individual members, IU decided to get to root of maknae Yuna‘s impressive, relaxed demeanor.

Despite being a decade apart from IU in age, Yuna was amazingly laid back while talking to her sunbaenim during the interview. She taught IU some trending lingo and even complemented the singer-songwriter on how young she looks.

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Impressed by how charming and candid Yuna is, IU noted how she seemed to be the most relaxed member in the group—something the other members vehemently agreed with. But just why does Yuna feel so relaxed around everyone she meets?

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The maknae proceeded to reveal her secret—but it left everyone incredulous. According to Yuna, that relaxed nature is all down to her height.

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You mean, “I’m relaxed because I’m tall”?

— IU

Standing 170cm tall at just 17 years old, Yuna is one of the tallest maknaes in K-Pop and the tallest member of her group. That said, it’s surprising that something like height could make her feel more relaxed around others.

Despite the members bursting into giggles at her funny admission, Yuna did have a good reason behind it. She explained that her tall height makes her feel more “secure” in herself, leading to her laid back demeanor.

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Because of my height, I feel secure when I face the world.

— Yuna

Of course, the shorter members weren’t going to let Yuna live without a little teasing after a confession like that. “Does everything look smaller than you?“, 167cm-tall Yeji quizzed before letting out another laugh.

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That’s why I’ve felt insecure.

— IU, 162cm

The leader went on to share a funny story about Yuna’s confidence in her tall figure, claiming that when they head to the hair salon, Yuna “walks like a fashion model“. Yeji revealed that recently, she even saw Yuna strutting like a model on the way to a bungeoppang (fish-shaped pastry) store.

Despite Yuna’s embarrassment, IU was fascinated by her charm, asking her why she walks like that. The maknae didn’t get a chance to answer, but Yuna’s reason is definitely nothing to do with impressing others. Chaeryeong chipped in to reveal that “there was no one around her” at the time.

She was wearing a pink fur coat and she was walking down a small market street so confidently, wearing like that.

— Chaeryeong

Yuna may not have had a defense for her catwalk-style strut, but she did have one for the pink fur coat—it went well with her blonde hair at the time. But really, who needs an excuse to be that fabulous?


Source: 이지금 [IU Official]


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