Fans Think ITZY’s Yuna May Have Secretly Released A Solo Song

Once you hear the song, you can’t unhear Yuna’s voice.

Given that ITZY only debuted two years ago, the members’ solo debuts are probably several years away. However, according to some fans with very astute hearing, ITZY’s Yuna may already have a secret solo track under her belt—listen and decide for yourself.

This week at Gamescom 2021, South Korean game development company Pearl Abyss finally unveiled the official extended gameplay trailer for its newest game, DokeV. In the trailer, fun clips of the highly anticipated upcoming release were set to a Korean song called “ROCKSTAR.”

“DokeV – Official Extended Gameplay Trailer” | IGN/YouTube

What does this have to do with ITZY? Surprisingly, many think maknae Yuna could be the one singing the track!

ITZY’s Yuna | JYP Entertainment

First revealed as part of the DokeV soundtrack in December 2019, “ROCKSTAR” is a Korean song produced by GALACTIKA. If that name sounds familiar to you, it’s because GALACTIKA is the production team behind some of ITZY’s biggest hits: “DALLA DALLA,” “Wannabe,” and their upcoming title track “LOCO.”

ITZY – “Wannabe” | JYP Entertainment

According to the track credits for “ROCKSTAR,” the singer behind the vocals is Luena. However, the curious thing is that fans have been unable to find anything about the elusive vocalist. Luena has no social media presence, no articles about her, and no biography on music platforms like Melon.

“ROCKSTAR (KR/EN Lyrics Video)” | DokeV/YouTube

As such, it seems like Luena may be a stage name or pseudonym—and fans are convinced the real singer behind it is Yuna. If you’re wondering where they got that idea, take a listen to “ROCKSTAR.”

From the very first lines, fans are convinced the singer sounds exactly like Yuna, and it’s easy to hear why. Luena has the exact same bright, bubbly vocal style that stands out in ITZY’s songs. In fact, once you’ve listened to the song with Yuna in mind, it’s almost hard to believe it could be anyone but her.

But if Yuna is the singer of the song, why would she use a pseudonym? Some have theorized that JYP Entertainment may not have wanted any of the ITZY members to have solo songs so early in their career. Thus, they thus may have let Yuna sing the track only if she hid her real identity.

| JYP Entertainment

If this is the case, she wouldn’t be the first to do so. Coincidentally, AOA‘s Yuna also secretly worked with GALACTIKA under the stage name e.NA, providing background vocals for songs like “Wannabe” as well as participating in writing.

AOA’s Yuna | FNC Entertainment

Of course, there’s also every chance that Luena isn’t Yuna. Given the similarities, some think it could be one of the trainees from JYPn, the agency’s upcoming girl group.

JYPn’s Jinni | JYPn/YouTube

After hearing the song yourself, do you think Yuna is Luena?

Source: Kookeu / Reddit