ITZY’s Yuna Shocks Netizens With Her Perfect Hips And Unreal Hourglass Figure

“Her body tea…”

ITZY‘s Yuna has send the internet into meltdown with her perfect hips and unreal proportions.

ITZY’s Yuna |

Yuna has always gained attention for her unreal proportions and hourglass figure, finding perfect ways of shutting down any “hip pad” rumors.

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On November 9, ITZY took part in the Music Bank Global Festival in Japan. As expected, the idols shone during their performance and some netizens even joked that it could be an ITZY show with the number of light rings that they saw.

While all the members shined, Yuna gained attention for her unreal proportions during the show. In particular, the idol wore an unconventional outfit that seemed to play on the “visible underwear” trend but allowed her unreal waist figure to be shown.

| @syoshi17/Twitter
| @syoshi17/Twitter
| @syoshi17/Twitter
| @syoshi17/Twitter

Even when she was performing, the outfit highlighted Yuna’s dancing.

| @kggs_hiroshi/Twitter
| @kggs_hiroshi/Twitter

When the photos were posted, they quickly went viral online as netizens couldn’t get over how stunning Yuna looked and her unreal body proportions.

As always, Yuna always showcases her unreal beauty and talent on stage. The outfit was unconventional but Yuna made it look gorgeous and proved why she is so iconic.

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