ITZY’s Yuna Reveals She Has A Lot More Charm MIDZY Has Yet To See

She’s already so charming!

As if ITZY‘s Yuna didn’t have enough charm already, she recently revealed to Singles Korea that there’s a lot more she hasn’t shown the world yet!

First off, one of Yuna’s charming points is her hard-working attitude. She shared with Singles Korea how she has been working hard on her English speaking skills.

Q: You have started a new leap through the English album. What was the most interesting experience in the work process?

The process of perfecting my English pronounciation was both hard and charming since it isn’t our native language. It (the lyrics) might hold the same meaning but conveying it in English gives it a whole different feeling. Those differences in sounds changed the feeling/vibes and nuance of the song. I personally like ‘DALLA DALLA’ and ‘Not Shy’ better in English.

— Yuna


Of course, another charming point of Yuna is the amazing natural talent she exudes on stage!

Q: While watching you showcase your presence on the stage at a young age, I also found the admiration that you were “born with it.”

Even though there are times when I get stressed when working, I believe this job suits me well. I want to work hard and continue to improve. The more I do something, the more I find things I want to do. I feel really happy in the moment where I can feel myself feeling liberated on stage.

— Yuna


To conclude the interview, Yuna announced that MIDZY’s can expect some unseen charm of hers in 2021!

Q: Is there a charm of Yuna that you have yet to show?

There are too many. I don’t think my potential has exploded yet. First off, I am personally anticipating becoming an adult a year later. I also want to try various things and discover the side that perfectly matches me. I also believe that with ITZY’s theme of ‘I love myself,’ we have only shown part of it.

— Yuna

Source: Singles Korea