ITZY’s Yuna Almost Suffers A Dangerous Wardrobe Malfunction — Reacts Unexpectedly When Chaeryeong Tries To Help

“Yuna keeps slaying while…”

ITZY‘s Yuna almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction but gained attention for her unexpected behavior when a fellow member tried to help.

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The group recently started their BORN TO BE world tour, performing for two days at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

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As expected, all the members were performing strongly, so it wasn’t surprising that during the show, Yuna noticed the string on her top had come undone.

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Luckily, member Chaeryeong noticed as well and while Yuna got to her place, she was trying to fix the top.

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As Yuna got to the center of the stage, Chaeryeong was still trying to sort the top out but the idol decided to keep serving with her body and flow while they were performing.

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As Chaeryeong continued to try and tie the top, netizens LOL’d even more as Yuna started walking and even looked back at her member, who was still attempting to fix the outfit.

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When the video was posted, while some fans shared concerns about wearing such a dangerous outfit with the group’s intense choreography, most couldn’t get over Yuna continuing to dance like a professional. Others joked that Chaeryeong was very patient as she continued to try to fix Yuna’s top, who was still dancing and vibing.

Yuna always makes sure to be a true professional, but it might have made Chaeryeong’s life a bit easier if she stayed still while fixing her top.

Source: @Itz_meoww/Twitter


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