ITZY’s Yuna Couldn’t Stop Crying After Hearing Chaeryeong’s Kind-Hearted Words

Chaeryeong really is the sweetest unnie.

Many fans know that Yuna was not part of the original lineup for ITZY.

Although she was the last member to be added to ITZY, fans are incredibly grateful as she is the perfect fit for the group!

With her energy, charisma, and talent, she has been a big part of ITZY’s “Monster Rookies” success.

And her group members feel the same way, especially Chaeryeong.

During a live broadcast, Chaeryeong expressed her gratitude for having Yuna as a member.

Thanks to Yuna, right before our debut or our comeback, she gave us lots of confidence.

Chaeryeong commended Yuna for being the energizer of the group. As the maknae, Yuna has brought so much joy to her unnies.

She makes me laugh a lot.  If it weren’t for you, I can’t imagine ITZY without you. So I’m really thankful for her.

Upon hearing this, Yuna couldn’t hold back her tears. It was clear that she was incredibly touched with Chaeryeong’s words.

Although Chaeryeong felt bad for making her cry during the live broadcast, Yuna started sobbing.

ITZY quickly grabbed Yuna some tissues to stop her tears, with Chaeryeong finishing off her heartwarming message.

I can’t imagine ITZY without Yuna. I’m so lucky that we have Yuna. I’m so grateful that you joined the team.

Chaeryeong dabbed Yuna’s face with tissues, further showing how much she cared for her fellow member.

She then went on to discuss how much she admired Yuna’s strength.

It must be really tough for Yuna … with no one in her age, there must be difficulties, as we’re all older than her. But she never shows it and makes it fun for us.

While Yuna appreciated Chaeryeong’s words, the other members pointed out that she wanted her tears wiped away too.

Chaeryeong’s words were so moving that Yuna couldn’t stop crying.

She continually had to lean in towards Chaeryeong while she was talking, with Chaeryeong wiping her tears without hesitation.

Fans are grateful that Chaeryeong has told Yuna what she deserves to hear. And many are also applauding Chaeryeong for being so kind-hearted towards her fellow member.

ITZY is perfect with all five members, and everyone is grateful that Yuna and Chaeryeong were able to debut together.