IU’s Agency EDAM Entertainment Announced Policies Against Fraudulent Concert Ticket Purchases

They now have a system for reporting fraudulent ticket purchases.

IU will hold her first solo concert in three years, and her agency EDAM Entertainment prepared strong measures against scalpers and illegal ticket purchasers.

EDAM Entertainment announced its policies regarding ticket purchases through IU’s Twitter account, which included an email template for reporting fraudulent ticket transactions.

Transactions are considered fraudulent if the tickets purchased were through “channels other than the official retailers, reservations made by fraudulent methods such as macros, or tickets sold on premium ticket trading sites and personal SNS.” 

Taking it a step further, if the fraudulent ticket buyer was found to be a member of IU’s fan club, EDAM Entertainment will remove the buyer from the list and permanently blacklist them from fan club membership and future IU performances.

Netizens welcomed this news and praised EDAM Entertainment for addressing this issue.

  • I wish all agencies would handle ticket scalpers like this. It’s so common for young students to end up being scammed by nasty upcharges all because they want to go see their favorite singers. There are also people who lose a lot of money to scalpers when concerts get canceled.                                                                                                                                                                                        It’s wrong that people are willing to go to such lengths for these tickets, but you also have to understand just how much they must want to see their favorite singers. It’d be great if all agencies could come up with solutions like this to protect their fans from being scammed. I hope IU spreads her positive influence far and wide.”
  • “So much better than some other agencies who only care about their profits in the end. It cuts into IU’s profits to have to look out for scalpers like this, and she and her agency deserve respect for this”
  • “I bet the fans who failed to grab tickets are going to keep their eyes peeled to report scalpers so that a seat opens up for them ㅋㅋㅋ”
  • “All agencies seriously need to implement this”
  • “Wow……. now that’s a good agency”

IU’s solo concert “The Golden Hour : Under the Orange Sun” will be held on September 17 and 18 at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul Jamsil Sports Complex. This concert coincides with IU’s debut date, September 18th. 

Source: Seoul News