IU Announces Her Upcoming Album to Be All About Love

Fans definitely aren’t ready for this.

In a recent interview with the fashion magazine, DAZED, IU spoke up about her upcoming comeback and what the theme of her new album will be.

IU revealed that the keyword of the album will be “love”, and fans can’t help but hold back their excitement.


IU even showed off her confidence regarding her new album and said it will make everyone fall in love.

If you come to my concert after the release of my album, you’ll end up falling in love before leaving.

– IU

She also explained that romantic love isn’t the only type of love that will be covered.

It won’t just be about the love you feel when you’re dating, but it’ll also be about the love you received from another, your love for the day you’ve had, and love for something that hasn’t even happened yet.


Considering IU’s sweet melodies and lyrical lines, this new revelation has been eliciting particular excitement among fans.

IU is set to return this November with 2019 IU Tour Concert Love, Poem.

Source: Insight