IU Apologizes To Her Younger Brother For Revealing That He Is Serving In The Military

She revealed that he’s so mad, he won’t call her back!

IU recently revealed on public broadcast that her brother was currently serving in the military, and he was not happy!

In a recent video on IU’s YouTube channel, she uploaded a video titled “I prepared this for you dad”, where she can be seen preparing a cake and presents for her dad.

In the after-credits scene at the end of the video, she first shared that her brother was doing well in the military.

Thanks to everyone’s interest, my brother is doing well in the military.


She then continued to reveal that he was pretty upset about her disclosing that he would be going to the military during tvN’s You Quiz On The Block, and made his displeasure extremely clear!

He replies to my family and had called all of them but he doesn’t reply to or call me.


Previously on You Quiz On The Block, IU revealed how her brother preferred not to tell people that his older sister was K-Pop soloist IU, trusting only a few friends with this secret.

My brother kept it a secret that I was his sister for the longest time. Aside from 4-5 close people, he didn’t tell anyone.


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As he was very upset with her, IU then ended the video by making a public apology to her brother, hoping it’ll appease him a little bit!

I’m sorry about what happened. I’m sorry for talking about you going to the military on You Quiz On The Block. Everyone is recognizing who he is now.


Netizens that saw this hoped that people would respect his privacy.

  • “Hopefully people in the military will leave him alone about this.”
  • “If people are recognizing him without him even revealing his face, I wonder how similar they look!”
  • “It must be hard for him now that everyone recognizes him.”

You can watch IU make her heartfelt apology to her brother here!

Source: Dispatch Korea and Insight Korea