IU Reveals She Barely Had A Week Off In All Of 2019

Her 2020 is already starting off with a packed schedule as well.

IU recently appeared as a guest on the radio show Kim Eaena’s Night Letter, where she looked back on how she spent 2019.

She revealed that all throughout the year, she barely had a week off for vacation due to her busy schedules.

I really didn’t have time to rest. When I looked back on the calendar, I only got to rest about a week out of the whole year.

It was a very busy year.

— IU


IU had been busy since the beginning of the year as she started off with her Netflix short-series, Persona, then continued on to her hit drama series, Hotel del Luna, in the summer. She finished off the year by releasing her album “Love Poem” in November and a concert tour to follow!


But she reassured her fans that she was healthy despite the busy year. She explained, “My mental health is fine. My body is a bit tired, but I think my mentality is always good because I got to end the year with my tour.


Kim Eana revealed that despite her superstar status, IU is ever humble and considerate to others. She revealed that despite it being Kim Eaena’s first time being a DJ, IU asked to be invited onto her show.

When I announced that I’ll be starting as a radio DJ, IU said she will appear on my show one day. One day she asked me, ‘Can you invite me to your show?’

This is IU’s true personality.

I can’t believe she’s sitting in front of me. I want to show off to the world.

— Kim Eaena


IU and Kim Eaena have been good friends as they’ve worked together on multiple hits, including “Good Day”, “The Red Shoes”, “YOU&I” and more.


Although 2020 is just starting, IU isn’t looking to rest anytime soon! She has recently confirmed that she’ll be starring in an upcoming drama, titled Dream, with Park Seo Joon.

Queen keeps herself booked and busy to start off the new decade!

Source: Xports News