IU Makes BTS V’s Acting Dreams Come True

We all need a friend like IU.

Last year, BTS‘s V guested on fellow idol-actor IU‘s show IU’s Palette to promote his debut solo album Layover. During it, she asked him if he wanted to continue acting, although he has only appeared in K-Drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth alongside his now-friends Park Seo Joon and ZE:A‘s Park Hyung Sik.

V confirmed he wanted to continue acting. So, she asked what genre he wanted to try, to which he replied, “Thriller.”

IU (left) and V (right) | 이지금 [IU Official]/YouTube

IU: Do you have any plans for your acting career in the future?

V: I do.

IU: What kind of piece would you like to try?

V: Thriller!

Flashforward about four months later…

IU released her pre-release single “Love wins all” and its music video, which was really a five-minute short film. She stars as the lead alongside V in this dystopian sci-fi thriller.

이지금 [IU Official]/YouTube
ARMYs were so excited for the return of “actor V.” He truly showcased his acting skills in this new role, leaving fans wanting more.

They realized that IU helped make V’s dream come true, and he was able to fulfill it before enlistment, thanks to her. She must have cast him shortly after that interview!

Watch the music video below.