IU Reveals Why She Wrote “Celebrity” And Shares The Creative Process Behind It

She talked about the inspiration behind her newest track, “Celebrity”!

IU recently released her chart-topping single “Celebrity”, and she revealed the reason behind why she wrote the song!

On an episode of IU TV, behind-the-scenes footage of IU filming the MV for “Celebrity” was released, where she chatted and hung out with her staff on set!

IU then revealed why she wrote “Celebrity”, intending for it to be a song about positivity and support for everyone and their individual quirks!

I wanted to write a song that conveys a message for support. We often get alienated or get blamed for being different. But we are unique because we are different, and that gives us the value of existence. So I wanted to convey that in a cheerful message.


She then shared the creative process behind the song!

After I came up with the key phrase “Star painted with a left hand”, everything [else] was with lightning speed. It’s a star, but it’s not an evenly painted star. It looks somehow different, and from a certain point of view.

It may look strange and it may look imperfect. It’s that kind of thing.


IU released her pre-release single “Celebrity” on January 27, 2021.

Watch her talk about the song here!