IU Suffers Through Cold Weather For Her Fans While Filming Her Music Video “Celebrity”

Thank you for your hard work IU!

IU‘s newest music video for “Celebrity” is a huge success and fans can’t get over how beautiful it turned out. Sadly, the phrase “beauty is pain” reigned true for IU as she had to endure extremely cold weather to shoot the gorgeous scenes.

In the “Celebrity” behind-the-scenes video, IU constantly mentioned how cold she was in the “minus 14 degrees Celsius” weather. It was hard for fans to see her so cold that even her breath was visible.

In the majority of the scenes, IU was styled in glamourous dresses that provided minimal coverage. Despite the struggle against the cold, IU kept a positive attitude and claimed, “I like wearing a dress when It’s cold. I wait for the cold days and wear a dress to feel good.” She is so optimistic and fans always appreciate her bubbly vibe!

IU later revealed that it was so cold to the point she had to make adjustments for some of her scenes.

Oh my God. Why I do that? It was my idea. I will wear a dress and run around outside in bare feet…but yesterday I declared that I can’t run in bare feet. I will run with my shoes on. I corrected the details. The brief path from this set to the waiting room is almost as cold as outside. Then it’s honestly cold enough to even freeze my thoughts.

—  IU

IU revealed that she even had 10 hot packs under her outfit. Apparently, IU usually will wear “42 hot packs in maximum” to “survive the winter.” Poor IU suffered a lot!

Luckily, one outfit of IU’s allowed her some warmth. During one scene of her music video, IU got to wear a thick jacket, gloves insulated with fleece, boots, a turtleneck, and even a hat.

It was so cold that many of the outdoor scenes were moved indoors: “Many scenes were relocated indoors.” IU was pretty happy about the change because she and cold “are not on good terms.”

IU expressed her struggle with the cold so much that the editors of the behind-the-scenes video speeded up her venting moment. Fortunately, the brilliant IU used smart tactics to keep herself warm and kept her jacket on until the very moment she needed to shoot. Yes IU! Please keep warm!

IU ended the video by once again, stating how the cold was unbearable.

To explain how cold it is here, I can’t swallow. I wanted to swallow once before we start shooting but my throat wouldn’t move as I want it to.

—  IU

Fans praised IU for her professionalism!

Luckily, IU’s staff always kept IU warm. They were persistent and wrapped her in blankets and covered her ears with hot packs. Fans were glad to see IU in great hands! Hopefully, she’s warm now!

Check out the video below:

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