IU Changes Her Name So That People Are No Longer Confused

“I think it caused a bit of confusion…”

Singer and actress IU recently attended a press conference for her upcoming movie Dream, where she announced her name change.

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Dream is a movie about a football player, played by Park Seo Joon, helping coach a special national soccer team consisting of homeless people to win the Homeless World Cup. IU will play an aspiring director who films their progress to make a documentary about them.

Park Seo Joon (left) and IU (right) | PlusM Entertainment/YouTube

During the press conference, IU announced that she would no longer be going by Lee Ji Eun as her actress name. Until now, IU has been credited in movies as Lee Ji Eun and has won awards for acting as Lee Ji Eun. She decided to go by the name IU as an actor from now on to avoid confusion.

Up until now, I’ve been going by the name of Lee Ji Eun as an actress and that was what was written in the ending credits. Since everybody called me IU anyways, so I think it caused a bit of confusion.

— IU

She also pointed out that she continually makes music as a singer, so she doesn’t want it to get even more confusing for reporters and fans.

I’m also continually active as a singer, so, for example, if I release an album as IU in March then come out with a movie as Lee Ji Eun in May, reporters might get confused and so can fans. So because I am one person anyway, I decided to go by IU for both.

— IU

The official trailer shows IU acting as a bright and energetic director, filming the football practices with passion. The trailer, however, introduced her as Lee Ji Eun because it was released nine days before IU made this official announcement.

Dream trailer | PlusM Entertainment

Lee Ji Eun, playing a passionless director

Whether IU or Lee Ji Eun, she is a terrific actress and singer loved and supported by her fans. Seeing her change her name to make life easier makes us love her even more

Source: Vstar