IU confirmed to model for Chamisul

IU has been confirmed to be an exclusive model for Chamisul, a soju brand in Korea. For many Korean celebrities, being featured on a Chamisul soju poster is considered to be one of the highest reputational honors.

On November 21st, Hite Jinro confirmed IU to be the next model for Chamisuls new drink. This decision has garnered much attention as it is known that IU has mentioned how much she enjoys drinking soju from time to time. An online community fan cafe also posted that IU would be a perfect model for soju, photoshopping images of IU and Chamisul together.

Although the viral fan postings of IU and soju cannot be ignored in the making of this decision, according to Hite Jinro, “Consistently beloved IU’s elegant and clear voice matches the long-lasting popularity of Chamisul’s fresh and clean drink. In particular, with her strong music skills, IU has been collaborating with singers of different genres. IU’s widespread popularity among people of all ages along with her label as one of the national singers will positively contribute as well.”

With Chamisul’s new motto, “The freshness that all of Korea enjoys,” official posters and video advertisements of IU will be released starting next month. Along with these changes, Hite Jinro will increase various marketing activities towards consumers as well.

Source: News1