Netizen Tells DIA’s Yebin She’s Not Good Enough For IU’s Friendship, IU Responds

What IU did next was incredible!

Ever the famous fan of IU, DIA‘s Yebin recently uploaded a video cover of herself singing IU‘s ‘Between the Lips’ on her personal Instagram.


One malicious netizen left a comment claiming that Yebin wasn’t worthy of IU’s friendship and love because she wasn’t popular like TWICE’s Nayeon.

“Did you know IU gave TWICE’s Nayeon a gift? Only popular people receive love from IU. Not you, Yebin… Get your head straight.. You look pathetic….”

— @cookbook9595


Yebin didn’t shy away from speaking her mind. She responded to the netizen claiming that she’s fine with just being a fan.

“It’s okay because I love her~”

— Yebin


Soon enough, IU saw the conversation and stepped in to show her love towards Yebin! She left a thumbs up and a heart comment under the video and completely made Yebin’s day!

“Oh my god…… Senior…🥺💜”

— Yebin


Here’s to the new blossoming friendship between two beautiful and talented singer-songwriters!