IU’s “Different” Reaction To The Release Of BTS Suga’s “People Pt. 2” Goes Viral

“She’s so cute!”

IU‘s reaction to the release time of her collaboration with BTS‘s Suga, “People Pt. 2 (feat. IU),” has gone viral.

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On April 7, an online community post quickly went viral. The post titled “IU Says Something Feels Different” garnered over 45K views in only two hours (As of this writing).

In the post, the author uploads IU’s Instagram story reacting to the release of Suga’s newest song featuring herself. IU captions the story by reacting to the song’s 1 PM release time.

IU’s story | @dlwlrma/Instagram

1:00 release feels different [sic].

— IU

The author of the post then included some context explaining why IU may have felt the release time of their collaboration was “different.” The author posted a previous article in which IU reveals the reason why she uploads her songs at a very different time.

| theqoo

To commemorate her 9-year anniversary, IU stated that she wanted to gift her fans a special morning with “Autumn Morning.” Fave Entertainment then revealed the reason why they released the song at 7 AM, saying, “Although it doesn’t really affect the music charts, apart from how well it does (on music charts), we listened to IU’s sincere wishes to help fans have a beautiful morning.

— IU

Netizens reacted to IU’s adorable reaction positively. Many also reminisced about the morning when IU released “Autumn Morning.”

| theqoo
  • “I see. I only see my boys, so I thought it was always at 1 PM (release time).”
  • “She’s so cute, LOL.”
  • “A 7 AM release was such a refreshing surprise, and I loved how she said because the song is titled ‘Autumn Morning,’ we had to listen to it in the morning. I remember having tears while on my way to work that morning because I was touched by her pretty sentiment, and I liked the meaning behind it, LOL.”
  • “7 AM, LOL, but the song is so good!”
  • 7 AM, LOL.”
  • “But no one knows why they released the song at 1 PM, right?”
    • “BTS usually release songs at 1 PM, for American music charts.”
    • “Friday 1 PM is when Billboard Charts begin counting.”
  • “I remember “Autumn Morning” ㅠㅠ. It was so fitting on that refreshing morning.”

What are your thoughts? Check out IU’s feature on Suga’s “People Pt. 2” in the link below!

Source: theqoo
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