IU Donates Another 100 Million Won To Children’s Foundation

She is an angel.

On December 28, it was revealed that IU donated 100 million won ($89,582 USD) to the global children’s welfare institution, Green Umbrella Child Fund Korea.


Along with the news of IU’s generous donation, the Green Umbrella Child Fund Korea stated how her donation will be used.

“IU donated 100 million won today (28th). 80 million of the money IU donated will be used for scholarships and living costs for children raised vy grandparents and the remaining 20 million won will be used for disabled children.”

ㅡ Green Umbrella Child Fund Korea


Just in September, IU and her fandom UAENA donated 100 million won to the same foundation. Moreover, IU made two additional donations totaling 220 million won ($197,072 USD) to Green Umbrella Child Fund earlier this year as well.


Meanwhile, IU will be holding a concert at the Jeju International Convention center on January 5 as the finale to her 2018 IU 10th Anniversary Tour Concert.

Source: News1