IU Explains Why She Chose To Star In Controversial New Drama “My Ahjussi”

She had two very good reasons to.

IU revealed she chose to take the lead role of Lee Ji An in upcoming tvN drama My Ahjussi not only because she wanted to change the style of character she acted as, but more importantly, the director.


In her previous drama roles such as Cindy in The Producers, Kim Pil Suk in Dream High, and Hae Soo in Moon Lovers, IU has played bright and lovely characters. She wanted to break that image and play a character that was completely different.

“I’ve played characters that were bright and lovely in the past, but this time it is very different. Lee Ji An is a person who has never had warmth in her life and is a quiet but fierce person. She is a person who has already made her own conclusions about the world, someone who thinks she knows everything, but slowly learns there is more to the world than she knows.” — IU


However, it was PD Kim Won Suk who was the biggest reason she accepted the role in My Ahjussi.

“I am really excited to work with PD Kim Won Suk since he directed Misaeng, a drama I really liked. During our first meeting, the confidence that he had in me was the biggest reason I took this role.” — IU


There was controversy surrounding the drama when it was first announced as it was revealed that there would be an 18 year age gap between the leads, who have feelings for each other. IU is 24 years old and Lee Sun Kyun is 42.

  • “So why is a woman in her 20’s dating a man in his 40’s…”
  • “Even the title is My Ahjussi. A man in his 40’s and a woman in her 20’s is basically like father and daughter, no? The age gap…
  • “It’s only a proposal (at the time)… 100% she turns it down.”
  • “The story doesn’t seem good… It’s such an old scenario.”
  • “I wish they’d stop making dramas where the lead male is in their 40’s and the female is in their 20’s. These dramas are ruining the country.”
Source: imbc and Ilgan Sports