IU fangirls over getting tickets to her favorite singer’s concert

Everyone who’s a fan of solo singer IU knows that she’s a big fan of British singer Corinne Bailey Rae

In addition to performing covers of her songs, IU has been incredibly vocal about her love for the singer. In fact, after it was announced that Corinne Bailey Rae would be holding a concert in Seoul this month, she sent a tweet to IU, asking if she will be attending the show.

Taking a break from her almost 2-year hiatus on Twitter, IU replied to the tweet with a series of nervous and exited messages confirming that she already has her tickets to the show.

After reading her adorable responses to her favorite singer’s tweet, fans couldn’t help but smile at IU’s inner fangirl. Corinne Bailey Rae mentioned on a recent V App stream that IU will be attending the concert, causing fans to wonder if she will make a guest appearance or not.

Source: Star News