IU Fans Outraged Over President Moon Jae In’s Recent Comments

President Moon Jae In has drawn the ire of IU fans.

President Moon Jae In‘s recent statement expressing his gratitude to frontline medical workers has received backlash from IU fans.

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Moon Jae In’s detractors first launched the wave of criticism. They pointed out that Moon explicitly referenced the ongoing doctors’ strike in Korea. He then contrasted it with the nurses who are currently at the forefront of efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. This comparison was cited as a cause of division among the medical staff, and an unwise political move.

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Then, the IU fans chimed in to voice their concern over the singer being used as a political prop. Headquartered at the IU Gallery on the popular forum DC Inside, the fans claim that IU’s act of altruism has been hijacked by Moon for the purposes of criticizing the doctors. This sentiment has since been co-opted by many others.

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This incident has also brought into light IU’s past donations to aid the fight the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been reported that she has made donations on five different occasions, including to low income earners, contracted employees, and those in government subsidized housing situations.

Her fans have voiced their concerns that Moon’s statement may give the wrong impression that IU has only donated to nurses, which may taint her public image.

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