A Look At All Of IU’s Iconic Outfits That Served Major Looks During The “2022 Cannes Film Festival”

Here’s everything you need to know about her looks!

IU has recently been taking the internet by storm after she made her debut at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. Of course, IU has always captured the hearts of netizens with her dazzling visuals and charming personality, and it seems like her global appearance was no exception.

IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

Yet, aside from the success she achieved in Paris, the idol also gained attention for her immaculate taste in fashion from the very minute she arrived at Incheon Airport to fly to France to the moment she touched back in Korea.

When IU arrived at Incheon airport, the idol instantly caught attention for her dazzling outfit that combined a preppy style with the idol’s own personality. Dressed in a plain white shirt and beautiful earrings, one of the statement pieces was the Gucci Double G matelassé loafers which can retail at over $1000 USD.

IU was praised for her visuals even before leaving Korea

Even as she changed into something more casual, IU managed to look effortlessly chic in a pair of cargo pants. Although the brand isn’t known, netizens explained that these kinds of pants sold out across various online stores after the images were released.

Of course, if that was the fashion at the airport, it isn’t surprising that IU looked like the definition of a true princess when she arrived at the festival and started the schedules.

IU rightly went viral for her visuals on the first night of the festival, and her outfit was one of those reasons. The idol gained praise for wearing the ‘Provocation of New Colors’ Collection Gown in grey-green, which Korean designer Choi Jae Hoon created.

IU dressed for the opening night of the “2022 Cannes Film Festival” | @dlwlrma/Instagram

If that wasn’t enough, she made headlines for her jewelry after netizens realized that the combined cost of her necklace and earrings were well over $100,000 USD.

| @dlwlrma/Instagram

Although the 2022 Cannes Film Festival red carpet and showing of the films was the main event, IU made sure that every schedule she attended was a spectacle. In particular, during the photocall and interviews with the media, IU stunned in two different colored two-pieces, one in pale lemon and the other a pale blue.

On the final night of the event, IU made headlines again after it was announced that she was the newest global ambassador for Gucci. Therefore, it wasn’t surprising that the idol wowed in a Gucci gown at the event.

According to the brand’s Instagram, the dress was created by renowned designer Alessandro Michele. It seems like it was a custom design and the gown had lace rebrodé petal details on the cuffs, along with sequin flowers and crystal embellishments on the skirt.

IU in a custom Gucci dress | @Gucci/Instagram

Finally, even after a long few days of being the main event, IU stunned fans even when she came back from Korea in a more casual look that combined nautical themes and high-end fashion. She even added to those visuals by continuing to showcase her true personality by gifting her fans who were waiting at the airport.

As expected, no matter where IU is, she manages to make a statement with her outfits and visuals. It isn’t surprising that she’s known as the Queen of K-Pop as her global influence and popularity continue to shine.

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