Here’s A Peek Into IU’s New Film Series “Persona”

Mystic has revealed exclusive images from the film!

On November 7, Mystic Entertainment released the first images of IU from the agency’s original series, Persona.


It was recently announced that IU would star in a new 4-part series produced by her agency, Mystic Entertainment.

IU To Be Featured On New Short Film Series Produced By Mystic Entertainment


The four images released by Mystic Entertainment show IU immersed in each of her characters in Director Lim Pil Sung’s Long Time Without Spoiling (썩지 않고 아주 오래), Director Lee Kyung Mi’s Love Set, Director Jeon Go Woon’s Kissing Is a Sin (키스가 죄) and Director Kim Jong Gwan’s Walking the Night (밤을 걷다).


In one of the images, IU holds a glass a wine with a serious look on her face.


In another image, IU wears a tennis outfit and seems to be focused on something in the distance.


In the last image, IU spreads out her arms and seems to be practicing yoga outdoors.


With the release of these four images, anticipation for the four short films has been rising and fans are looking forward to how IU will be portrayed in them.

  • “Looks fun~”
  • “Those images look like photoshoots!”
  • “I loved My Mister, this is going to be good too!”
  • “So excited~ the combination of my favorite directors and IU”
  • “She’s so prettyyy”


It was also previously announced that that the series would star a line-up of actors renowned for their acting capabilities including Bae Doo Na, Park Hae Soo, Kim Tae Hoon and more.

Meanwhile, Mystic Entertainment is currently developing into an integrated entertainment contents corporation as they continue to expand their business into the content production in addition to entertainment management.

Source: My Daily