IU Explains What She Finds Most Precious About Making Music And It’ll Make Your Heart Melt

She also dishes on her upcoming song “Strawberry Moon.”

IU recently participated in a beautiful pictorial with Elle Korea, and in her accompanying interview, IU discussed her music and what she loves about it.

With her new song “Strawberry Moon” coming out on October 19, IU revealed what kind of song she hopes it will be for her listeners. IU stated that she hoped the song is easy to listen to that ultimately makes you comfortable.

I wanted to make a very easy song. I hoped it would be a song that didn’t make anyone think too much or feel sad when they heard it. I wish that this single will be enjoyed by the fans in a very comfortable way.

— IU

Furthermore, IU expressed what she finds most precious about making music and it’s incredibly sweet! While some may love merely the fame and fortune, IU shared she loves making music because of how it can make her fans feel something.

It is the most precious thing that cannot be replaced by anything else.

— IU

IU went on to explain how the response from those who listen to her music helps her stay humble and driven.

Other people’s feedback keeps me humble and more objective when my self-satisfaction becomes central to my achievements.

— IU

Source: Elle Korea