GFRIEND’s Umji Gave IU A Gift And Now IU Brings It With Her All Over The World

She was spotted all over the world with Umji’s gifts!

GFRIEND‘s Umji recently gifted IU with a gift and IU couldn’t help but take it with her all over the world as she jetted off to her recent concert tour!


IU was recently spotted with a new trendy accessory that she appeared to be hooked on! It was none other than scrunchy hairbands!


She was spotted with a diverse variety all throughout her concert tour as she used it to keep her hair up in an adorable pony-tail or bun…


Or to simply keep it on her wrist at all times. And it turns out that these precious scrunchies were actually handmade gifts from Umji!

I took scrunchy hairbands with me every day on tour.

GFRIEND’s Umji came to see my concert and gave them to me as a gift. She has such a good and cute sense. She gave me huge set, saying, ‘I know you probably get all kinds of gifts so I wanted to win by gifting you with something you’d use.’

I want to use this time to thank GFRIEND!

— IU


And Umji sure gave IU a wide variety of hair scrunchies! IU was seen with all kinds of patterns that best fit her mood for the day!


IU even wore one of them to the recent radio show as well!


Umji will be proud to know that she was successful in gifting IU with a memorable and lasting gift! Long live this adorable friendship!

Source: Xports News and Nate Pann