IU gifts student with signed guitar

IU has amazed fans once again with her generosity.

In a post on Facebook page SooReuSooReu ManSuReu (수르수르만수르) on April 29th, a netizen shared their plea of wanting to own a guitar on the 28th.

In the post, the netizen wrote, “Hello, I’m a middle school student who wanted to play the guitar. I want to learn to play to the point where I break my fingers. I have always played the piano, but I wanted to play another instrument, the guitar. With a piano, I can’t go around and perform everywhere I want but with a guitar I can. Is that a guitar’s charm?”

“I saw a friend play the guitar, and I fell in love with it. My goal is to play as many instruments as I can, including the guitar. I have asked the permission of my parents, but they keep saying no. I’ve even found teachers that will teach me to play. Please give me a guitar so I can play it!”

Photos on the Facebook page revealed that IU had heard their plea for a guitar, and gifted them a beautiful guitar along with several other gifts. The guitar is also signed personally by IU herself.

Many netizens who saw the post voiced their jealousy, sharing their amazement of IU’s generosity.


Source: TV Report