IU Gives An Update On Her Hearing Condition

The singer revealed her condition last year.

IU spoke honestly about her hearing condition.

IU | EDAM Entertainment

Previously, IU revealed that she was struggling with her hearing. The singer made the revelation that she was struggling with a condition called Patulous Eustachian Tube Dysfunction during her The Golden Hour concert last year. According to Hopkins Medicine, the disorder causes one to hear themselves too loudly, creating discomfort.

IU | @_IUofficial/Twitter

There is a slight problem with my ear, so I was very nervous while preparing for this concert.

— IU

The singer spoke further about her condition in a documentary she filmed while preparing for the aforementioned concert.

IU getting her ears examined | EDAM Entertainment

My ears are a little bad these days. My ears open on their own, so my hearing is similar to how you hear when yawning. When I hear myself sing, it becomes too loud and rings.

— IU

When asked about how her hearing was now, IU replied with some good news.

It has gotten a lot better. To be honest, it had gotten better then (last year), but then an unexpected heat wave came. Since it was September, I had a cardigan on, and due to an unexpected heat wave, I ended up sweating a lot, which I heard was bad for my ears.

— IU

IU then revealed what precautions she takes to make sure her condition continues to improve.

This is a little off-topic, but I heard that allergy sprays are bad (for my ears). Because I have allergies, I use the spray often, but I am trying to use it less after hearing it was bad for my ears.

— IU

Hopefully, IU will make a full recovery soon.



Source: wikitree