IU’s Extensive Preparation For “The Golden Hour” Speaks Volumes About Her Dedication And Love For Her Fans

Fans are guaranteed the concert of a lifetime.

With only a few days before IU‘s The Golden Hour concert, IU released footage of her extensive preparation for the show. While everyone is super excited, a concert doesn’t put itself together. IU and her team have been practicing for hours on end to guarantee the performance of a lifetime.

Since her last concert was in 2019, IU and her team have poured out three years’ worth of energy and passion into her upcoming show.

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With 90 people on stage with IU and over a thousand working behind the scenes, it’s no surprise that a ton of practice is required for seamless coordination and transitioning during the concert.

IU shared that this was the first time since her trainee days that she had practiced so much. As a trainee, there’s a certain desperation and need to spend almost all of your time practicing in order to constantly give your best. While the goal may be different, the drive is still the same for IU fourteen years later — she’s pouring out her whole heart and soul to give Uaenas a wonderful concert.

IU even pushed herself to practice without being able to hear the music, something that may seem counterintuitive but is a necessary measure. With both days of her concert sold out and 85,000 fans attending, it’s easy to predict that the screams could drown out the music. IU’s determined to put on the perfect show for her fans, so if that means practicing without the music to ensure she won’t make a mistake, then that’s what she’ll do.

The set-list for The Golden Hour is jam-packed, and there’s barely any rest between the songs. For Uaenas, IU will do anything, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s hard on IU and her entire team.

According to IU and most of her team, this will be the most challenging concert yet. However, her dancers alone say that it’s the easiest. Usually, they have it the hardest for any show (besides IU, of course), so now that everyone, whether it be the chorus or the band or the stage staff, is suffering with them, they can’t help but find it comforting. Now that they’re all in the same boat, they can better understand and encourage each other to give their all.

Perhaps IU doesn’t need to work this hard to ensure a memorable performance, but it wouldn’t be IU if she weren’t going above and beyond. She always pours her love into everything she does and gives her fans only the very best, and thanks to her genuine heart, she’s writing history.

IU will only continue to set records, not only in the concert field but in all aspects of music. For now, everyone is focused on her historic performance at Jamsil Olympic stadium, and the hard work we’ve seen from her indicates just how amazing the concerts will be.

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