IU Is Back At It With Her Guitar, And You Will Not Be Disappointed

“IU’s covers are the closest thing we can get to a little slice of heaven.”

IU has recently covered various songs with her guitar and graciously shared the videos with her fans.

On July 4th, IU uploaded an amazing cover of “Best Part” by Daniel Caesar.

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요즘이 올해의 best part

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Translation: “These days are the best part of this year.”


Numerous celebrity friends of IU’s including Jiyeon and fans visited her Instagram and praised her for the amazing cover.


Not long after, she uploaded another guitar cover. This time, of EXO D.O‘s “That’s Okay”.

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퇴근하면서 들은 곡

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Translation: “Song I heard while going home.”


While the clip is not very long, fans were still completely mesmerized by IU’s unique and charming voice singing D.O’s song! Moreover, they were extremely excited to see IU back at it with her guitar.


Let’s hope that IU blesses fans with more guitar covers!

Source: Instagram