IU Reveals She Has The Hardest Time Acting During These Types Of Scenes

She has a hard time feeling this emotion even outside of acting.

IU may be a well-established actor as much as she is as an artist, but she confessed that she has a hard time acting scenes where she has to be angry!


She explained that she has a hard time with angry scenes because she rarely gets angry in real life.

“I honestly can’t burst out in anger in real life. It was very hard acting out the [angry] scene. Director Lee Kyung Mi and the staff helped make it look real on set.

I actually learned tennis, but it was still difficult and the weather was hot so I automatically got angry. I think you’ll see very real emotions on the screen.”

— IU


Although she may not be confident in her angry scenes, she says she’s continually growing as an actor. She confessed that she’s always loved acting ever since she was young, even before she debuted as an actress. She looks forward to the audience seeing her change with every new project.

“Ever since I was young, I dreamed of becoming an actor and I loved it. My sincere attitude towards acting didn’t become serious after my debut as a singer and after having starred in different projects. My sincere attitude towards acting has always been true.

My ability to portray emotions became more mature after learning from a lot of people from each project. I think people will see me changing little by little.”

— IU


As her upcoming Netflix original, “Persona”, will be her first movie debut, IU said she’s “anxious” and “nervous” for everyone to see it!

“It was my first movie so I still can’t believe it. It’s been a while since I shot ‘Persona’ and I’ve once again realized how the post-production of a movie takes a longer time than filming it.

I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so excited that I can finally show it. I’m anxious and nervous.

When I first received the offer, I thought it was refreshing and fun. I didn’t think it would get so much interest. I knew that a lot of short films don’t get to be up on screen, but I’m lucky that I’ll be able to watch my debut film for a long time through a good platform like Netflix.”

— IU


“Persona” is a four-part short film series where four different directors each created a different short film with IU as the main character. It will release on Netflix on April 5!