IU Hears That She “Looks Like IU” More Often Than You Think

IU revealed that she gets told she looks like IU more than actually being recognized as IU when in public.

On February 24, 1theK uploaded a new episode of IU TV. In this episode, IU enjoyed her vacation in Taiwan by shopping, visiting different restaurants, and trying out Taiwanese cuisine, all while visiting her schedules for her concert.

When she visited the night market, she participated in several games and enjoying street food. However, as she was munching on a late night snack, she overheard a Korean tourist passing her by and saying, “She looks like IU“.

She told her manager of the incident, and he asked her, “Do you hear that often?” to which she replied humorously, “Yeah I hear that often. She’s not a bad singer.”

Watch the full episode here!