IU impresses fans at her concert stop in Hong Kong

IU put on an amazing show in Hong Kong as part of her 2017 IU Tour Concert “Palette” tour.

IU kicked off the show with songs such as “Dlwlrma”, “Red Queen”, “The Red Shoes”, and “Jam Jam”, effectively showcasing her vocal skills and impressing the audience.

Throughout the concert, the singer communicated with fans using English and Cantonese, drawing smiles as she said short and cute Cantonese phrases with an adorable accent.

As IU had previously prepared Cantonese songs when she performed in Hong Kong, this was one of the most highly anticipated part for the night. And the singer didn’t disappoint as she surprised everyone with the Cantonese version of “Through the Night”.

After finishing the planned part of the concert, IU returned to the stage and took song requests from fans. In particular, she performed Cantonese song “The Street of Wedding Cards”, which she sang and received a lot of praises for back in 2015.

2017 IU Tour Concert “Palette” in Hong Kong is the only overseas stop for the singer’s tour. Having done two stops in Korea prior to Hong Kong, IU will take the tour back to Korea for three more shows in December.