IU’s Instagram Account Gains Another “Global Giant” Follower

IU’s new follower is respected all over the world!

Another famous celebrity has started following the one and only IU on Instagram!

| @dlwlrma/Instagram

Is it an actor who has starred in many famous movies? Or perhaps a globally sought-after model?

Nope, IU’s new follower is none other than internationally-renowned Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto!

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Ryuichi Sakamoto’s official Instagram account (@skmtgram) following IU’s account (@dlwlrma).

Ryuichi Sakamoto has worked on numerous collaborative, solo, and film albums for decades, earning him great respect in the industry.

Academy Award winners Ryuichi Sakamoto (left), David Byrne (center), and Cong Su (right). | @mubi/Twitter

He is best recognized for being the first Asian film-score composer to win an Oscar, a BAFTA, a GRAMMY Award, and two Golden Globe Awards.

Ryuichi Sakamoto is undoubtedly a legend himself, so it’s incredible how he recognized IU’s achievements as an artist by following her social media account!

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Other famous celebrities who follow IU on Instagram include Apink‘s Eunji, PSY, and Zico, among others.

To date, IU has over 18.3 million followers on Instagram. As expected of one of Korea’s most loved celebrities, her international influence and popularity are astounding!

Source: Famous Composers