IU’s Gifts To ITZY As A Thanks For Performing At Her “The Golden Hour” Concert Prove Why She Deserves All The Love In The World

IU treats everyone with love and kindness.

During the latest episode of ITZY‘s ITZY?ITZY! series, the girls revealed the behind-the-scenes of their performance at IU‘s The Golden Hour concert. Besides their excitement, the girls were overwhelmed with emotion as IU gave gifts to each of the members.


The gifts were catered to the preference of each member, but what really touched ITZY’s hearts were IU’s handwritten cards to each of them.

What makes IU so special to ITZY and many artists is not her musical artistry (which is impressive in itself) but her heart of gold. Her warmhearted actions cause others in the industry to follow in her footsteps, to remember and appreciate all they have, and return the love they receive tenfold.

I’m going to become a singer like her. I’m going to be a senior like her.

— Chaeryeong

For Lia, IU remembered her favorite color and got her a gift accordingly.

The fact that it’s a small detail IU remembered about Lia sent the girls into a meltdown, and if it weren’t for the fact that they would soon perform, ITZY would have let their tears fall freely.

IU continued to show her genuine love for ITZY with her gift to Chaeryeong, which she chose after considering Chaeryeong’s pure and mature charm.

For Yuna, IU wanted to give her a gift that shone just as brightly as Yuna’s personality, and even without opening the gift, Yuna knew she would love it. After all, it’s a gift from IU, so even if it weren’t something extravagant, she would cherish it all her life.

Ryujin struggled to hold back her emotions as she silently read the card IU had written for her, and it’s clear to everyone watching how precious IU and ITZY’s friendship is.

IU’s constant expressions of gratitude resonated with ITZY, and it reminded them to be more open with their thankfulness towards those around them.

IU is someone the girls look up to as both an artist and a person, and they strive to emulate her humility and kindness. IU is the queen of K-Pop, and it’s her loving personality that has everyone captivated by her.

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