Former JYP Entertainment Counseling Physician Revealed These Two Celebrities’ Past Diets Lead To Eating Disorders

“They feel pressured to keep slim figures so they go on extreme diets.”

During a recent broadcast of You Can tell my Sister, former JYP Entertainment counseling physician, Yu Eun Jeong, revealed the stress idols receive from trying to maintain a small body figure.

I used to see idols who would also get stressed about weight loss. They feel pressured to keep slim figures so they go on extreme diets.

— Yu Eun Jeong

It no secret that idols undergo severe diets in order to achieve a slim and healthy appearance; however, counseling physician Yu Eun Jeong also informed us of the dangers these diets have brought our favorite celebrities.

She first warned the cast of the show and the viewers watching that these diets can lead to unhealthy habits and eating disorders. She mentioned how this situation has happened to IU and Jang Nara in the past. According to Yu Eun Jeong, even though the individual may be dieting, the stress from the diet or idea to be thin can cancel out any weight loss.

These extreme diets can lead to eating disorders like it did for IU and Jang Nara who both ended up with binge eating habbits. Stress can increase hormones which halt weight loss. And that psychological pressure makes people fail and gain the weight back.

— Yu Eun Jeong

Ultimately, K-Pop idols and Korean celebrities receive a lot of burdens to be slender and it’s heartbreaking to hear that it leads to such disorders. Luckily IU and Jang Nara’s excessive diets are in the past and we hope they are nothing but happy and healthy.

Check out the full episode below:

Source: Nate