IU’s New Film Is Coming out on Netflix, and It Looks Crazy Intense

Mark your calendars!

IU will be starring in her first film as the lead character, and it looks intense, mysterious, and thrilling all at the same time.

The film is called Persona, and it’s directed by 4 different directors who filmed IU from their own perspectives and then combined them into one short film.

The title suggests that this film is about a hidden character or personality, and it’s possible that IU’s character is utilized to portray the various sides.

Some behind-the-scenes photos have been revealed ahead of the film’s release, and it’s been eliciting a great deal of curiosity and anticipation in IU’s fans.

The photos show various sides of IU’s character as she’s seen exercising, playing tennis, and interacting with other mysterious characters of the film.

The film was produced by Yoon Jong Shin‘s Mystic Entertainment, and it is set to be released on Netflix this coming April.

Source: Insight