IU Shares Details of Her Highly Anticipated Comeback

Her new album is already in the works.

On March 2, IU attended the fan meeting that was held by Ghana Chocolate, which IU is currently a model for, where she shared a spoiler of one of her new songs.

IU laughed as she said, “My new song is really good. I feel like this will be a great album.” She also added that her tone changed, so she had to make a lot of edits to the original, and that she was worried because there were so many new things being prepared, but that it’s progressing a lot better than she thought.

IU also showed a modest side of her by saying that she just has to work harder for the album to come out well. She also sounded confident as she revealed that she was very satisfied with the past few songs that have been completed.

She added, “I feel like I’m really going to like this album. And you know I normally don’t say stuff like this. I’m more of a conservative type, so when I reveal something like this, that means it’ll probably be great and that you can look forward to it.

It hasn’t been long since IU released her last song, “BBIBBI”, so fans are showing mixed emotions of both worry and anticipation after hearing the news that IU is back in the studio.

Source: Insight