IU To Star As First Guest On New Korean Variety Show

The queen is returning to the variety show scene!

It has been reported that IU will appear on the new Korean variety show, Let’s Eat Well (폼나게 먹자), as the show’s first guest.

An affiliate of SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) has revealed on July 30th that IU has completed the filming of the first episode.


Let’s Eat Well is a program that introduces viewers to ingredients that are on the verge of disappearing from the world as well as various food cultures. The program will be hosted by the actor Kim Sang Joong, actress Chae Rim, comedian Lee Kyung Kyu and rapper Loco.

Rapper Loco


Rumor has it that IU agreed to appear as the first guest of this new program due to her connection with the producer, Min Seon Hong, who was the co-producer of the variety show Heroes that IU appeared on as a regular.

Photo from the filming of “Heroes”


Netizens have been eager to see how IU will be portrayed in this upcoming program as it will be IU’s first time appearing on a variety show since JTBC’s Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast Season 1 in 2017.

  • “Yes, I finally found something to watch!”
  • “Found something with IU to watch!”
  • “IU for real? Finally we get to see IU…And it’s a mukbang!”
  • “Yaaaas!”
  • “IU? IU?? I’m so happy…”
  • “The guest is better than the hosts!”
  • “The first episode must be watched in real time. IU, fighting!”


Many netizens have also taken note of IU’s loyalty to the producer of the program.

  • “Loyal IU.”
  • “Of course, our IU is the symbol of loyalty.”
  • “Loyal IU!!!”
  • “Loyal IU…I look forward to it!”


Let’s Eat Well will begin airing in mid-August so stay tuned!

Source: Herald Pop, My Daily and Naver