Singer IU Purchases New Luxury Apartment, Sells Her Old Residences

Will she be living there?

Along with the recent news that BTS‘s RM and Jimin had made recent purchases of properties, singer IU has also recently made a new purchase. However, her case is a little different as insiders report that she has plans on living there.

She recently purchased a unit at Eterno Chungdam. It is a new complex to be fully constructed in December 2022, with its super penthouse unit projected to be the highest valued apartment unit locally.

According to reports, IU made the purchase for a unit in February for 13 billion KRW (around $11.7 million USD). In compliance with laws, she filed the application for residency with the Gangnam City Office, declaring her intentions to live there, rather than making the purchase for investments.

It was made known that IU purchased a unit of about 243 square meters between the 10th and 12th floor. It was also belatedly reported that she had sold her previously known residence, a villa in Bangbaedong.

She had sold it in 2019, 7 years after the initial purchase in 2012. IU also currently holds ownership of several other apartments that she does not live in, around the outskirts of the city.

| Eterno Chungdam

As it is a work-in-progress, not many photos of the actual building have been released.

Source: Biz Hankook