IU makes a return to music with two song releases in one week

After taking a relatively long hiatus from the music industry, solo singer IU is back with two song releases in one week! 

Since her latest mini-album Chat-Shire back in October of last year with title track “23,” IU has only released one song. The song, an untitled track, was given to fans through her Daum Fan Cafe on April 1st to apologize for her music label’s prank comeback announcement.

During her 8th anniversary showcase, however, IU performed the full version of the song “My Dear Friend (Thank You For Being You),” which was previously used in her drama Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. She gave a copy of the song of the studio version to every fan who attended her 8th anniversary fan meeting at The K Art Hall in Seoul.

Shortly following the release of “My Dear Friend (Thank You For Being You),” IU has also featured in Hyungdon & Daejune’s new track “Choice,” singing the hook for the song.

Being able to hear IU’s voice in two new songs after such a long hiatus, fans are definitely grateful and have expressed their hope for a full comeback soon. Check out the two songs below: