IU Has A Unique Way Of Fighting Against Malicious Commenters That No Other Idol Dares To Try

It’s hard to fight like her as an idol or an artist but she does it anyway.

Kim Heechul recently talked about IU‘s unique way of fighting against malicious commenters on 6 Party Talk.


The cast members were discussing fake news and rumors when Heechul revealed that IU fights malicious commenters in a fashion that’s hard to do as an idol or an artist.


She not only has zero tolerance for malicious commenters, she goes after them all with no offer of settlement. Heechul agrees that this should be the case for all legal actions against malicious commenters.

“The reason why I think IU is so great is because idols and artists can’t help but care about what the public may think of them while fighting malicious commenters, but she doesn’t care about that.”

She doesn’t offer any settlement, and I agree that’s how it should always be done.”

— Kim Heechul


Jang Dong Min also offered insight about the laws that protect victims of malicious comments. He revealed that it’s actually hard to fight against these haters in Korea because the laws are too weak.

“The Korean society can’t properly fight against the severity of malicious commenters. Our laws are too weak.

People who leave less severe comments like, ‘Haha I hate Lee Kyung Gyu’, will get caught. But there are those who are go to the extreme. There are people who say things like, ‘I will not stop until Jang Dong Min and his parents suicide.’

I want to go after them but the police tell me, ‘We can’t arrest be because their IP address is from a foreign country.'”

— Jang Dong Min


Despite the odds set up against her, IU never seizes to stop her fighting against malicious commenters. Hopefully, many idols and artists will also follow her suit and help end the haters’ ways for good!