IU Used To Be Vocal About Her Love For Mint Chocolate—Now She “Apologizes” For Changing Her Mind

Sorry guys, she doesn’t love it 100% anymore 😅

It’s no secret in the K-Pop world that IU loves mint chocolate. She once told naysayers, “It’s so sad that you don’t know the charm of mint chocolate flavor.”


It’s one of the most divisive flavors out there, with some loving its freshness and others calling it inedible. While IU used to be in the former group, she recently revealed in an interview with Elle Korea that this may not be completely true anymore.

I’ve become very well known as a mint chocolate lover. Everywhere I go, people give me mint chocolate. But I’ve recently learned something new about me.

— IU

She realized that mint chocolate doesn’t taste great in everything, even going so far as to say she was “a bit hasty” in promoting the flavor.

I think I’ve said too many things related to mint chocolate over time like, ‘Why do you not like mint choco?’ or ‘I feel sorry for people who don’t know what mint choco tastes like,’ or ‘You don’t like mint choco? Are you crazy?’ I think the statements I’ve made were a bit hasty.

— IU

Mint chocolate pieces and a mint chocolate drink | Rob Sarmiento/Unsplash

Where did this revelation come from in the first place? IU explained that it was an unfortunate experience in a bakeshop that changed her mind.

I recently went to this bakery and there was this mint chocolate cupcake that looked delicious so I automatically bought it and ate it when I got home. But it tasted way too much like toothpaste.

— IU

A mint chocolate cupcake | Merritt Thomas/Unsplash

While eating the cupcake, she thought, “Why did people make food that taste like toothpaste?” She herself could hardly believe that her thoughts echoed the sentiments of the non-believers she used to argue with.

Whenever people said, ‘Mint choco tastes like toothpaste,’ I was like, ‘How does it taste like toothpaste? Do you not like brushing your teeth?’ I’ve said things like that in my defense. But now, I know why people who don’t like mint choco say that it tasted like toothpaste.

— IU

To be clear, she still likes mint chocolate, just in very select ways.

I understand the true taste of mint choco [only] when it’s cold. I only like mint choco in the form of ice cream.

— IU

Mint chocolate ice cream | Anna Sulivan/Unsplash

With a smile, she apologized for leaving behind the firm believers of mint chocolate.

I think I’m in the middle. It depends on the temperature. I would like to just make that clear. I’m sorry. I take this moment to apologize…yeah, I was too hasty with the statements I’ve made.

— IU

Check out her full “confession” below!

Source: YouTube


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