IU Becomes The Korean Soloist With The Most Music Show Wins In History

Congratulations to IU!

Despite already being almost 13 years into her career, IU just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Now, she’s officially been crowned the Korean soloist with the most music show wins in history.

IU songs are always huge hits, and “Lilac” has been no exception. The retro pop hit recorded over 260 Perfect All-Kills on the Korean charts in just a few weeks, so it’s no surprise it’s been storming music shows too—just like most of IU’s singles.

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With 11 wins, “Celebrity” is IU’s most-awarded song on music shows, closely followed by “Palette” and “You&I” with 10 wins each. Meanwhile, “Lilac”, “BbiBbi”, “Good Day”, “The Red Shoes”, and “Blueming” have all received over five wins so far.

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But one of the most important wins of IU’s career came on April 17, when “Lilac” scored its sixth win on MBC‘s Show! Music Core. Bringing IU’s total count to 85 wins, this finally makes IU the most-awarded soloist on music shows in Korean history!

ASTRO vs IU vs Lim Young Woong | MBC

The record was originally held by Kim Gun Mo, who is considered the most successful Korean singer of the 1990s. The male pop and ballad singer holds 84 wins in total, one shy of IU’s new record.

Kim Gun Mo | KBS2

Rounding out the rest of the top five, 71-year-old folk-pop and trot singer Cho Yong Pil has 80 wins, former album sale record holder Shin Seung Hun has 74 wins, and worldwide icon PSY has 63 wins. This also makes IU the only female soloist on the top five ranking.

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Congratulations to Korea’s shining star!