IU Reveals Why She Never Smokes And Avoids Drinking Alcohol Or Coffee

Wise words from IU herself.

IU recently appeared on a radio show where she opened up about her personal choice to never smoke, and avoid drinking alcohol, coffee, and any carbonated drinks as best as she can.


She revealed that the main reason is to make sure that she avoids anything that can harm her vocals.

Basically, I don’t do anything that can be bad for my vocals.

I don’t like caffeine and the smell of cigarettes. I don’t like talking loud either.

— IU


She doesn’t drink caffeine or carbonated drinks because it hurts her throat, but that doesn’t mean that she won’t have a few drinks to celebrate with her co-workers and friends on a good day!

I don’t have any interest in carbonated drinks and I rarely drink alcohol. If it’s a good day to celebrate, I will drink only to the point where I don’t harm my throat.

— IU


IU also updated her Instagram with photos from her recent celebratory dinner with her team and their new agency. She captioned it, “I like drinking, but just when it’s a good day like today.


IU concluded by revealing her life motte. She explained, “Instead of doing lots of good things, I try to restrain doing anything bad.


And that may be a key reason how IU became one of the most respected and beloved artists in K-Pop history!

Source: My Daily